BAKOTECH Becomes the Best Kerio Technologies Distributor in 2006

BAKOTECH, one of the leading software distributors in Ukraine, was awarded the title of the best distributor by Kerio Technologies for the most rapid growth of sales of Kerio solutions in Central and Eastern Europe in 2006.

The award was handed out at the annual European Distribution Summit in late July 2007.The event was attended by companies from Russia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries operating under the guidance of the Czech office of Kerio Technologies.

The certificate awarded by Kerio Technologies became another addition to the solid list of awards held by BAKOTECH. They are a result of the successful work of the company that promotes interest toward products offered by international vendors.

Miroslav Kren, Sales Director for Central and Eastern Europe, praised BAKOTECH for the development and the promotion of Kerio solutions in Ukraine, and shed some light on plans of Kerio Technologies for the future.

Evgenii Badakh, Director General of BAKOTECH® Group of Companies, described BAKOTECH's marketing strategy for Kerio solutions and shared experience in their promotion in Ukraine.

In 2006, the sales of Kerio products in Ukraine quadrupled. No other partner in the CEE region managed to attain such growth rates.

BAKOTECH has been co-operating with Kerio Technologies, developer of products for the network message exchange and IT security for small and medium businesses, for more than three years. At the initial stage of the co-operation, BAKOTECH was named an official partner; in early 2005, it won the status of a distributor, and then worked its way up to the status of an exclusive distributor by mid-2006.

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