Database Management
Products and Solutions
Vendor: AlienVault
Integrations with third-party security and productivity tools to extend security orchestration capabilities: MS Azure, Office 365, G Suite, Jira etc
Vendor: One Identity
Dell One Password Manager automates, controls and secures the entire process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties. Dell One Privileged Password Manager is deployed on a secure, hardened appliance.
Vendor: Delphix
Stay compliant with regulations, meet cloud mandates with less risk, and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access with Delphix masking.
Vendor: Delphix
Connect all of your data - at the office and in the cloud - with the people who need it most. Move fast, get secure, and stay in control with Delphix.
Vendor: Quest Software
With its non-stop data collection and instant metric-sensitive alerts, Foglight for SQL Server ensures optimal database performance. Built-in expert guidance, intuitive interfaces, and easy-to-follow workflows help you speed through your work. Plus, you get automated performance analysis and an enterprise-level view of database health.
Vendor: Quest Software
Kitenga Analytics Suite is the industry's first big data search and analytics platform with integrated information modeling and visualization capabilities. This insight engine combines proven next-generation technologies like Hadoop for scalability and performance, Lucene/SOLR search, Mahout machine learning, 3D information modeling, and advanced Natural Language Processing in a fully integrated, configurable, cloud-enabled software platform that's cost effective and deployed in minutes. With this content mining and analytics solution, you'll transform complex and time-consuming manipulation of web-scale data resources into a fast and intuitive process.