IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure solutions deliver audit, management and automation of IT infrastructure, it’s migration and consolidation, adding instruments for cooperation and disaster recovery of applications and data.

Products and Solutions
Vendor: Delphix
Connect all of your data - at the office and in the cloud - with the people who need it most. Move fast, get secure, and stay in control with Delphix.
Vendor: Boldon James
Boldon James Email Classifier empowers users to assign a value to their Microsoft Outlook messages, by applying a visual and metadata classification label, helping prevent sensitive data being sent to the wrong recipient and improving security awareness.
Vendor: FireMon
Security Manager is a network security policy and risk management solution that improves your security posture by making daily operations more efficient, providing powerful configuration analysis and proactively reducing risk.
Vendor: GFI Software
A software-defined WAN for a better application performance
Vendor: GFI Software
Archiving for productivity, management and compliance
Vendor: GFI Software
Network protection from portable devices threats