Download Free MaxParallel 30 Day Trial!

Download Free MaxParallel 30 Day Trial!

  • Event Type: Seminar
  • Date: 19 Oct 2017 - 31 Dec 2017
  • City: Online
  • Event Participants: End user, Partner

MaxParallel is the innovative software solution from DataCore Software that significantly speeds up MS SQL Server. This is ideal solution for high-load servers, which increases the number of transactions per minute (TPM), reduces time for report making and minimizes response time thanks to the unique technology. First release of MaxParallel is available only for MS SQL Server (physical server, virtual server or virtual machine in MS Azure).

This solution is indeed a technological breakthrough compared to development and adoption of SSD drives and virtualization technology as tools for accelerating and optimizing servers and enterprise applications.

How does this unique technology work? All x86 systems are able to handle I/O requests only one by one though there are multi-core processors. In other words, modern applications can use multi-core technology only for calculation, but at the level of input/output they process everything by rotation. We know this queue as "response time", "delay" and "latency". MaxParallel uses the technology of parallel processing of I/O requests, which allows all CPU cores to process these requests and access data in parallel without any delay.

Companies that have already tested MaxParallel, confirm that:

  • response time has become quicker from 1.2 to 3 times
  • server has been able to process from 20% to 60% more transactions
  • reports have been generated from 1.5 to 2 times faster

Test the solution and see the results by yourself! After filling in the form below you’ll get a detailed instruction for testing as well as the links for:

  • downloading MaxParallel 30 Day Trial
  • testing on MS Azure virtual machine (in case you do not have any test server at your disposal)  
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