IT-infrastructure of financial and state companies from a hacker's view: everything you want to know to protect yourselves

IT-infrastructure of financial and state companies from a hacker's view: everything you want to know to protect yourselves

  • Event Type: Webinar
  • Date: 20 Sep 2021
  • Event Participants: End user, Partner
Format: FAQ-workshop  
Date: 20/09  
  • Modest Velchev — AlienVault and F-Secure Solutions Specialist 
  • Alexander Sherekh — BAKOTECH Engineer, WatchGuard Solutions Specialist  
From 50 USD to 155 USD and more — this is the amount that stands between you and your hacked social media account. Quite real money in order to get access to all your accounts, which means, to mail, contact list, banking applications and the rest which your well-being depends on. Let's scale it all up to the format of the companies.   
In 2020, penetration tests found that 71% of companies' internal networks are vulnerable even to hackers without much technical training. At the same time, every sixth company found traces of cyberattacks — web shells on the resources of the network perimeter, malicious links on official websites, or valid accounts in public databases of leaks. According to a study by Positive Technologies, over 80 accesses to assets of very large companies are sold on the dark web. Some accesses cost up to $100,000.   
Ask yourself: what if your company is just one of those whose data is being traded, or you have been hacked for a long time and secretly pass on important information?  
We invite you to our FAQ workshop, where, answering your questions, two of our engineers will simulate a hacking situation in a company. One of them will pounce on the outer perimeter of the network and try to get to its inner part. The second specialist will represent the interests of the banking company and try to detect the attack in time, react to it and prevent it.   
And of course, live, we will show and tell you everything you need to know to protect your company. You will learn about: 
  • Attack types and how to prevent them with a solution — AlienVault platform
  • Perimeter protection with WatchGuard solutions:   
  • NGFW (IPS, URL filtering, AV gateway, application control and anti-spam to services to combat advanced threats such as a sandbox files, DNS-filtering) 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication — solution AuthPoint   
  • Endpoint protection with F-Secure solutions: protecting the endpoint to 360
  • In-depth investigation of information security incidents and response to them 
  • Budget options for high-quality protection for the financial and public sectors 
  • Additional tools for protecting the IT perimeter of companies   
The webinar will be useful for:  
  • System administrators, engineers and cybersecurity managers
  • IT managers 
  • CIO, CISO  
Webinar language: English  
Webinar duration: 90 minutes  
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