23 May 2023

GFI Software presents ClearView™ – a new solution for instant and real-time network, traffic, and app monitoring thanks to a 1-second resolution. Coupled with regular audits, it provides a clear picture of your whole network.

01 May 2023

BAKOTECH, an international True Value-Added distributor, and CyberArk, a cybersecurity solutions developer, have announced a partnership. From now on, BAKOTECH will be the official distributor of the vendor's solutions in Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

06 Feb 2023

Given the complexity of today's multi-cloud environments, organizations need an AIOps platform for application automation, monitoring, and security. A platform like Dynatrace will help improve business analysis and digitize processes. 

11 Jan 2023

Netwrix acquired Remediant to improve privileged access security, including thanks to the SecureONE solution. Now the system will be able to automatically detect and remove any always-available administrative access and scale even in the largest IT environments. 

28 Dec 2022

2022 has shown that we are strong enough to overcome almost any challenge. Each of us continued to work, close deals and attract new customers. Moreover, we continue to fight for a free and civilized world. And our future victory – of Ukraine, Europe and the whole world – is within our grasp.  

01 Nov 2022

BAKOTECH is expanding its partnership with HelpSystems adding penetration testing solutions to its portfolio. The solutions Core Impact and Cobalt Strike are available through our partner network.

27 Oct 2022
Netwrix has announced the purchase of Password Safe from MATESO, a German software manufacturer. MATESO develops, sells and provides technical support for a product that helps customers reduce data breach risks by securing access to employee accounts.  
27 Oct 2022

French company Usercube has become a part of Netwrix. Usercube is a SaaS-based solution for automating, managing and controlling enterprise identity data. 

21 Jul 2022

Progress is an American solution maker for developing, deploying, and managing high-performance business applications. The BAKOTECH portfolio represents the vendor by WhatsUp Gold and MOVEit solutions. Loadmaster traffic balancer and Flowmon network performance monitoring solution are now added to them. 

18 Jul 2022
In 2022, IT distributor BAKOTECH expands its partnership with Netwrix and becomes the sole distributor of vendor solutions in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and the Baltic countries.