31 Jan 2020
When it comes to data security, there is no more important place than the healthcare industry. When people go to the doctor, they provide all of their most sensitive information, from their health issues to their phone number, to a doctor they trust. When a medical office or database is hacked or damaged, and that information is released, it can be catastrophic to everyone involved. 
13 Dec 2019
Are you sure that your antivirus can protect the organization against any type of attack? Read our article to find about the cloud-based solution USM Anywhere from AT&T CyberSecurity (ex-AlienVault) and why sometimes the evading of detection is useful. 
02 Dec 2019

BAKOTECH Group announces the new partnership with Boldon James, the industry leader in data classification, and the start of distributing the company’s Classifier solution to the markets of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, the Baltic states, and Central Asia.

20 Nov 2019
Every year AT&T Cybersecurity (ex-AlienVault) survey visitors to its booth at Black Hat about trending topics. This year, they asked about ransomware and the ever-increasing complexity of the cybersecurity environment. The survey results, comments, and vendors impression are described below. 
11 Nov 2019
Dynatrace introduces Session Replay, which completes the digital experience management capabilities of our software intelligence platform. 
07 Nov 2019
One Identity is honored to be recognized again as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2019. 
23 Oct 2019

An American analytical company Forrester Research named Tenable as a leader among vulnerability risk management solutions in its’ report The Forrester Wave, Q4 2019. 

21 Oct 2019

BAKOTECH Group announces the beginning of cooperation with Attunity Ltd., a division of Qlik,  the developer of complex solutions to accelerate the integration and replication of heterogeneous databases.

12 Sep 2019
The AlienApp™ for Dark Web Monitoring gives you an alert when your users' corporate credentials or the personal user credentials of your executives and privileged users are discovered on the dark web, so that you can take immediate action to prevent a breach.  
11 Sep 2019
ObserveIT - an innovative software for visually tracking, analysing, and managing user activities on the company’s endpoint servers – announces new version 7.8.2 that provides following features: