AlienApps Extend Security and Compliance for Microsoft Azure
AlienApps Extend Security and Compliance for Microsoft Azure
16 Jan 2019
Presenting AlienVault® USM Anywhere - a highly extensible platform, that leverages AlienApps. The solution can be integrated with a third-party security and productivity tools, such as, for example, Microsoft Azure to extend your security orchestration capabilities, providing security and compliance for you existing subscription, so you can collect and analyze log data from Azure Monitor and be alerted to Azure security and configuration issues.  
AlienVault® USM Anywhere™ extends the reach of IT security beyond on-premises applications, data and user activity. Purpose-built for cloud security monitoring, USM Anywhere combines essential security capabilities to address Azure security concerns for risk reduction and improved compliance. What’s more - USM Anywhere provides single pane-of-glass visibility - whether your workloads are in Azure, AWS, on-premises on virtual machines (Hyper-V, VMware, etc.) - or all of the above.  
The Main Tool’s Features: 
Detect and Investigate Azure Security Concerns 
  • Immediately discover new Azure instances or misconfigurations 
  • Alert on abnormal behavior within Azure based on continuously delivered threat intelligence from AlienVault Labs 
  • Safely execute vulnerability scans on cloud infrastructure with cloud-native sensors 
Monitor and Demonstrate Azure Security Compliance 
  • Deploy in minutes - just in time for your next audit 
  • SIEM for real-time compliance reporting and analysis (integrated with Azure Monitor REST API) 
  • Monitor Azure security compliance for PCI DSS, NERC CIP, and more 
Unify On-premises and Cloud Security Monitoring 
  • Eliminate blind spots by unifying security monitoring for all assets, wherever they reside 
  • Pinpoint threats and respond to incidents quickly with integrated threat intelligence from AlienVault Labs 
For more information on how it works, watch the video by the link. If you have questions about AlienVault solutions, please, write us at


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