Amplification WatchGuard: WG & Panda Security - Maximum Protection for Your Business
Amplification WatchGuard: WG & Panda Security - Maximum Protection for Your Business
29 May 2020
WatchGuard Technologies to Acquire Panda Security, Extending Simplified Security from Network to Endpoint.
WatchGuard Technologies, a leading global provider of network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Panda Security, a leading global provider in advanced endpoint protection.
Starting June 1, two flagship products from Panda Security will complement the WatchGuard Passport suite of solutions and will also be available for purchase through the distribution company BAKOTECH Group.
WatchGuard Passport expands its suite of user-oriented products and services to detect and respond to threats. Thus, expanding the security capabilities from the network to the endpoint.
Panda Adaptive Defense is a security suite that integrates Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, with a unique 100% Attestation Service, all delivered via a single lightweight agent.
While Adaptive Defense collects all information on processes running on the endpoint, the Advanced Reporting Tool automatically stores and correlates this information. The platform automatically generates security intelligence that allow users to identify strange behaviors or problems.
These products will be the first to complement WG Passport's suite of solutions, which will expand over time. Panda Security provides home users and businesses with next-gen anti-malware solutions with prevention, detection and remediation capabilities. Smart technology Panda Security, based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, monitors every running application on your systems, scanning and classifying absolutely everything. With these solutions, WatchGuard Technologies will pay even more attention to improving endpoint solutions that are suitable for companies and end-users.
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