BAKOTECH Announces Partnership with Cloudflare: Leading Performance and Security Provider for Internet Properties
BAKOTECH Announces Partnership with Cloudflare: Leading Performance and Security Provider for Internet Properties
30 Jul 2019
BAKOTECH Group is pleased to announce a partnership with Cloudflare, a leading Internet security, performance, and reliability company. Cloudflare runs one of the world’s largest networks, which spans more than 180 cities in 80 countries.  
The partnership between BAKOTECH Group and Cloudflare will allow BAKOTECH’s clients to take advantage of next-generation architecture to enhance security and enable new customer experiences, while reducing costs.  
WAF protection for DDoS attacks is an essential consideration when securing the cloud. This becomes especially complex when needing to secure multiple environments across different cloud platforms and on-premises environments. Enterprises struggling to operationalise all the security capabilities in their organisations are increasingly seeking out managed services to make this easier.  
Cloudflare provides this managed service and allows enterprises to secure multiple environments using a single-pane of glass service that is easy to operationalise. Cloudflare uses Anycast networking to limit the impact of DDoS attacks and ensures high availability in the event of a data-centre outage.  
“The interest of organization for the services of providing reliable and continuous access to their web resources is growing lately. Addition of Cloudflare to the BAKOTECH distribution portfolio will allow us to significantly expand the range of services offered to clients in this area. Cloudflare is not a simple content delivery network (CDN), its solutions not only provide access to the content, but also optimize it for user devices, browser and data channel bandwidth. We are sure that the new cloud services offered by Cloudflare will significantly improve the performance and security level of internet resources and web applications of our customers.” said Eugene Badakh, CEO of BAKOTECH Group. 
Chris Merritt, Chief Revenue Officer at Cloudflare added: "Cloudflare is focused on helping to build a better Internet, and a big part of that is through partnerships with great companies like BAKOTECH. Partnering with BAKOTECH signals a great combination of financial technology with security, performance, and reliability capabilities, and we’re eager to help BAKOTECH’s clients scale their businesses.” 
If you have any questions about Cloudflare solutions, please, write us at:
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