Boldon James Data Classification Solution To Be Included In BAKOTECH Portfolio
Boldon James Data Classification Solution To Be Included In BAKOTECH Portfolio
02 Dec 2019

BAKOTECH Group announces the new partnership with Boldon James, the industry leader in data classification, and the start of distributing the company’s Classifier solution to the markets of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, the Baltic states, and Central Asia.
Boldon James’ areas of specialization are:
  • Data Classification — best-of-breed data classification to help you categorise, label and protect data, enabling organisations to better manage and control their data, streamline operational performance and improve return on technology investment. Classifier also supports compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards such as GDPR, ISO 27001: 2013, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, etc.
  • Secure Messaging — secure messaging systems that comply with NATO standards, such as RFC6477, STANAG 4406 and 4774/8, designed for use within military, government, and specialized agencies.
Boldon James Classifier protects your data throughout it’s lifecycle, and contains everything users need to start classifying, starting from the standard Office applications, whether using Windows or MacOS to CAD design documents, and many other file types. It also supports classification on mobile devices. 
Successful implementation of the user-defined classification process using the Boldon James tools results in a significant increase in operational efficiency and return on investment from the company’s information security and data management solutions. 
Boldon James supports integration with the widest range of technology partners including Forcepoint, Digital Guardian, McAfee, Varonis, Citrix, Veritas, Microsoft, and many more. Over 1,000 customers trust Boldon James to protect their data, including leading organisations in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial and professional services sectors, system integrators, defence forces and governments. 
“Boldon James solutions are trusted by major commercial, government and military organizations imposing most stringent data protection and management requirements. Together with Boldon James and our local partners, we can help customers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia implement a leading data classification solution - a key process affecting data protection and efficiency of using information security solutions”, said Myroslav Bondar, Department Director at BAKOTECH Group.
“I am pleased to announce our partnership with BAKOTECH which strengthens our reach across Eastern Europe, CIS and the Baltic states.  BAKOTECH are a great match for Boldon James with their focus on adding real value to resellers in the region, allowing partners to add Boldon James Classifier to their portfolio of products that keep their customers’ data secure” said Luke Shutler, EMEA Channel Director at Boldon James. “Boldon James are a leader in data classification, the first step in ensuring that an organizations data is kept secure and managed effectively.”
For more information about Boldon James solutions, please contact: 044 273-3333,


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