Dynatrace strengthens its Microsoft Azure visibility with Docker for Windows monitoring support
Dynatrace strengthens its Microsoft Azure visibility with Docker for Windows monitoring support
05 Dec 2018
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Software intelligence company Dynatrace announced that it has further strengthened its microservice monitoring capabilities on Microsoft Azure® with support for Windows Server Containers (Docker for Windows). 
Now Dynatrace can automatically monitor containerized environments, regardless of platform, and provide AI-powered problem identification and root causation of performance issues. This enables enterprises to have deeper visibility into the container technologies within their enterprise cloud environments, identify issues, and automatically remediate to deliver better software releases faster. Also developers are enabled to iterate faster with software architectures consisting of many microservices. 
The Docker Engine monitors:
  • container metadata
  • lifecycle events of application
  • key performance metrics.
Dynatrace AI builds and maintains a complete real-time dependency map, no matter how large or complex, so IT operations teams can monitor their container applications across networks of hosts or cloud instances.
Gabe Monroy, Lead Product Manager for Cloud Native Compute at Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. said, “We’ve seen a lot of excitement from businesses deploying Docker containers for Windows in Microsoft Azure, as it allows for a more seamless way for developers to manage and deploy applications in their enterprise cloud environments. We are pleased to work with Dynatrace to enable businesses to address monitoring these complex environments with an AI-driven approach for deeper visibility, automated troubleshooting, and real-time remediation.”
Dynatrace is a member of the Docker Certified Technology Program. It gives organizations an easy way to run trusted software and components in containers on the Docker Enterprise container platform with support from Docker and the partner companies.
If you have any questions concerning Dynatrace, please write us at dynatrace@bakotech.com.


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