Energy Logserver: innovative data collection system is now available due to BAKOTECH
Energy Logserver: innovative data collection system is now available due to BAKOTECH
16 Jul 2021
Ukrainian IT distributor BAKOTECH has expanded its portfolio with an offer from Polish developers EMCA Software. Energy Logserver is a powerful tool capable of collecting and processing massive amounts of data from IT infrastructure. Now businesses have an option to build high-quality monitoring of their IT systems with an emphasis on security and greater opportunities for customization for the required pool of tasks.   
The platform was built on the basis of many years of experience in software consulting for the largest companies in the energy and utility industries. This expertise showed that customers often prefer open-source software which can be modified for a specific company. It was taken as the basis for Energy Logserver.  
Energy Logserver Capabilities   
  • Analyze Data from Multiple Sources  
The Energy Logserver system based on the ELK Stack project is designed to receive almost any data from the IT environment. Depending on the requirements, data is collected without agents or with the help of special agents.   
The solution has an extensive database of ready-made parsers, visualizations, and dashboards for the most popular IT technologies while ensuring the ease of integrating new technologies.   
  • Hazard alerts   
The system automatically monitors and reacts to incoming data. In the Alert module, the user defines the data he wants to detect and then specifies the search criteria.   
  • Object permission   
Allows you to restrict the access of certain users to objects in the system, that is, saved queries, visualizations, dashboards, and index templates.  
  • Visualizations   
Energy Logserver allows you to create graphic visualization of data collected in indexes. All visualizations or entire dashboards are interactive. This means that we can adjust the request on an ongoing basis so that the presentation will touch the areas of our interest.   
  • Making report   
The Energy Logserver reporting module allows you to create PDF documents from any visualizations and dashboards as well as export data directly from the Energy Logserver to HTML and CSV files.   
  • Internal check   
Access to data is protected, an additional mechanism for tracking the work of application users has been introduced. All user actions are recorded in the audit index, which makes it possible to conclude who, when, and where entered the client and what kind of actions were taken.    
  • Mobile app   
The application allows access to visualizations and information tunnels assigned to users and their roles, which expands the monitoring capabilities of specialists.    
  • Agent management   
Energy Logserver has centralized agent configuration management that allows remote configuration changes from the GUI level. Without having to log into the source server, the system can check or update the configuration on that server.   
At this stage of cooperation, the following vendor products will be presented:   
  • Network Analysis Plan. Deep analysis and correlation of netflow with network packages   
  • Log Management Plan. Collecting, sorting, storing, and processing huge logs data.   
  • SIEM Plan. Highly efficient SIEM with tons of advanced security controls.   
“We knew that Energy Logserver has huge potential for customers in regions where we are not introduced. We were looking for a distributor who would look at the platform's capabilities and potential with the same enthusiasm as we do while guaranteeing efficiency and the highest standards of cooperation. BAKOTECH impressed us with its special approach to partners and their projects, thoughtful proposal, and broad technical knowledge,” says Arthur Biki, CEO of EMCA Software.   
“Energy Logserver fits our portfolio perfectly, but the solution is not just another SIEM or monitoring system. Energy Logserver has unique capabilities and a wide range of tasks to be solved, which makes them stand out among similar solutions. This opens up new opportunities for us to help our clients solve their problems,” says Evgeny Badakh, CEO of BAKOTECH. 
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