GFI Software Helds Webinars About Network Security Issues
GFI Software Helds Webinars About Network Security Issues
09 Oct 2018
How much time do you spend looking for answers on how to solve your network security issues? BAKOTECH Group invites you to join GFI Software webinar series where you’ll learn about: 
  • How to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and your network weaknesses  
  • How to identify traffic utilizing your network? 
  • How to identify applications that might misuse your resources and slow down Business-Critical Applications? 
Every session will include information on how to discover, identify and address the fastest growing malware - Remote Access Trojans (RATs). 
Details and dates: 
  • Minimizing the risk of cyberattacks on your network | October 23, 2018 
Learn more about the risks of having unprotected devices on the edge of your network and the GDPR regulations that impact these possible data breaches. 
Registration by the link.
  • Who else has been using your network? | November 21, 2018 
What if IT admins could identify all the traffic that uses their network and have visibility of all applications and services that are, perhaps abusing their LAN and WAN networks? Join our webinar to learn all about it. 
Registration by the link.
  • Are you in control of your network applications? | December 12, 2018 
Learn more about how to control your network applications and avoid slowing down of Business-Critical Applications. 
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Speaker: GFI Software Project Technical Support Engineer Jozef Kačala. 
If you have any questions about GFI Software solutions, please, write us at
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