IT distributor BAKOTECH is expanding its Progress product line with two new solutions
IT distributor BAKOTECH is expanding its Progress product line with two new solutions
21 Jul 2022
Progress is an American solution maker for developing, deploying, and managing high-performance business applications. The BAKOTECH portfolio represents the vendor by WhatsUp Gold and MOVEit solutions. Loadmaster traffic balancer and Flowmon network performance monitoring solution are now added to them. 
Progress Loadmaster is a Load Balancer whose task is to distribute the load between servers for stable operation of business-critical applications. The solution can distribute traffic both automatically between available resources and according to user settings. 
In addition to global and local traffic balancers, an essential component of Loadmaster is also the Web Application Firewall module. It is a solution to protect web applications from common threats, such as DDoS attacks. The combination of balancers and a web firewall will help customers create an efficient and secure application infrastructure and ensure business continuity. 
Flowmon is a Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solution for ensuring the visibility of network processes, application protection, and efficient administration of the entire infrastructure. The solution will help DevOps engineers and system administrators get complete information about the state of the network and applications for timely error correction and protection against threats. 
The solutions will be available to customers from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Baltic States, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Armenia, and Turkmenistan. 
About Progress
Progress is a platform for developing and deploying strategically important business applications. The company provides users and partners with the opportunity to develop modern high-performance digital products that require a small amount of effort, time and money. The Progress platform offers powerful tools for quickly creating customized products for any form of interaction or devices of any type. In addition, customers also have access to a flexible cloud platform for modern applications, advanced data transfer technologies, web content management, business regulations, secure file transfers, full network status monitoring, as well as award-winning computer training, which will significantly increase the efficiency of any application. More than 100,000 enterprise customers and two million developers trust the Progress platform to ensure the proper operation of their programs.
BAKOTECH is an international company that holds a leading position in the field of focused Value Added IT distribution and supplies solutions from the world's leading IT manufacturers. Positioning itself as a True Value-Added IT distributor, BAKOTECH provides professional pre- and post-sales, marketing, and technical support for partners and end customers. 
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