Kerio Control 8.5 Increases Network Security and Usability
Kerio Control 8.5 Increases Network Security and Usability
02 Mar 2015

Kerio® Technologies released Kerio® Control 8.5, increasing security with 2-step verification, while adding numerous usability improvements. "We continue to enhance security, without compromising simplicity",  – said Mirek Kren, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Kerio® Technologies. "In this release, we have added important and sophisticated security features that can be easily applied into any network with little or no disruption to business operations".

Kerio® Control's introduction of 2-step verification allows businesses to improve the security of remote access to network resources by requiring a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) in addition to user credentials. Business owners will be reassured that network resources remain secure even if passwords land in the wrong hands. New Service Discovery forwarding in Kerio® Control 8.5 adds flexibility and simplicity to the network configuration. Remote users can now browse, locate and connect with devices such as printers, file servers and scanners from different networks or Kerio® VPN-tunnels.

Kerio® also makes it easier to manage installation and upgrades of the Kerio® VPN-client via a new installer package that allows deployment through 3rd party tools such as Apple Remote Desktop or Filewave. With an expanded set of email notifications in Kerio® Control 8.5, administrators are able to keep informed of important network events and system status. A single check box during installation enables the most vital system alerts.

Kerio® Control 8.5 is available for immediate download. Kerio® Control server software licenses start at $265 USD. Kerio Control Box hardware appliances start at $895 USD. 

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