More Than a Distributor: the B4 Department Provides a Set of Solutions to Solve Customer Issues
More Than a Distributor: the B4 Department Provides a Set of Solutions to Solve Customer Issues
18 Aug 2023
IT distributors rarely go beyond their core duties, which are quite voluminous and resource-intensive. However, sometimes exceptions appear. 
Department B4 went beyond the typical tasks of an IT distributor and now closes the entire cycle of needs – from choosing a solution to its implementation and configuration. Thus, the customer receives a ready-made solution that works without downtime from the first day and shows a high ROI indicator. It becomes possible thanks to the position of the Department. For example, B4 specialists approach the development and sale of services from the point of view of the results that the customer expects from the solution they are buying. Therefore, engineers offer additional services not as a comfortable bonus but as a way to maximize the investment. The Department is committed to ensuring that customers receive the full benefit of expert services. In addition to the fact that it is convenient, fast and "ready-to-operate", first of all, it is a way to maximize the return of the solution thanks to the correct start of its operation when the loss of results due to inexperience is excluded. 
Today, the Department's services are divided into Attach and Standalone. Attach includes services related to the customer's purchase of specific solutions. First of all, this is the implementation of the solution in the client's infrastructure, as well as various support for operation and configuration. All this allows the client to adapt to the product faster and benefit from it as early as possible. Standalone services are not related to the purchase or availability of our solutions to the customer. Still, on the contrary, they solve problems point by point, using solutions as a service without the need to purchase them. The services are currently under development – the presentation is scheduled for this fall. 
Clients can apply to the Department for various services: 
  • Solution implementation
  • Replacing the equipment
  • Web application protection
  • Security testing
  • and others 
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