Netwrix and Bakotech Expand Collaboration and Complement Product Line
Netwrix and Bakotech Expand Collaboration and Complement Product Line
18 Jul 2022
In 2022, IT distributor BAKOTECH expands its partnership with Netwrix and becomes the sole distributor of vendor solutions in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and the Baltic countries.  
Netwrix solutions have been a part of the BAKOTECH portfolio for more than five years. During this time, the vendor not only developed its flagship product Netwrix Auditor but also expanded the capabilities of its platform thanks to new products sbPAM (Stealthbits) and Change Tracker (New Net Technologies).  
Netwrix solutions regularly receive high ratings from users in G2 surveys. So the convenience of using Netwrix Auditor is rated at 8.5, and ease of implementation – at 8.3 out of 10.  
Today BAKOTECH is a distributor of the following vendor products:  
  • Netwrix Auditor – a comprehensive IT infrastructure audit for vulnerabilities. It helps improve security, pass compliance audits, and optimize IT operations. 
  • Netwrix Data Classification – Precise data classification and protection. Reduces the risk of leaks and audits the value of corporate data. 
  • Netwrix SbPAM – third generation PAM. Allows you to implement a zero trust approach in the company and reduce the risk of compromise or misuse of privileged accounts. 
  • Netwrix Change Tracker – Software for protecting, monitoring and verifying the configuration of critical systems. It helps improve the security of system configurations and more easily pass security audits.  
The new solutions help customers monitor company processes, allowing them to respond to threats in a timely manner, resolve problems early, and ensure business continuity and scale.  
"Our strengthened partnership with Netwrix results from great efforts and high results that allow us to move on. By becoming the sole distributor of Netwrix solutions, we will provide our future partners and customers with comprehensive support and technical expertise. The expansion of the product line is in line with Netwrix's development strategy for an end-to-end cybersecurity platform. We understand this strategy and will develop it in the regions entrusted to us," says Eugene Badakh, CEO of BAKOTECH.  
About BAKOTECH    
BAKOTECH is an international company that occupies a leading position in the field of focus Value Added IT distribution and supplies solutions to the world's leading IT manufacturers. Positioning itself as a True Value-Added IT distributor, BAKOTECH provides professional pre- and post-sales, marketing, and technical support to partners and end customers.  
For questions about Netwrix solutions, please contact:  
About Netwrix Corporation   
It is an international company specializing in developing, implementing and maintaining software for auditing changes in the IT infrastructure, reducing the number of IT incidents, and ensuring business continuity and compliance with industry standards.   
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