New GFI Archiver release improves usability and mobile access
New GFI Archiver release improves usability and mobile access
31 Mar 2020

GFI Software introduces the newest version of its GFI Archiver product. The new GFI Archiver 15.0 features a completely updated html5 responsive web interface for browsing archived items more easily from a desktop or mobile device.

GFI Archiver archives your emails, calendar entries, files, faxes and more with tamper-proof security. The new interface will help customers search and find archived materials faster. Full desktop functionality for searching and selecting items from the archive is now extended to mobile users. This means mobile users will have new abilities to filter searches more precisely. At the same time, GFI Archiver 15.0 does not fundamentally change the way GFI Archiver is used. Moving to version 15 will be an easy transition for existing customers and not cause training hurdles.

Customers on a valid GFI Archiver or GFI Unlimited subscription can immediately upgrade to this release. The legacy UI will continue to be available; this new web interface may be accessed separately. This ensures customers can move to the latest version while adopting the new UI at their own pace.

GFI Archiver is part of the GFI Unlimited package of software. Customers can pair GFI Archiver with products such as Kerio Connect (email, calendar & collaboration) and/or GFI FaxMaker (digital faxing) to gain considerably more functionality for far less. For instance, healthcare organizations turn to GFI Archiver and GFI FaxMaker to help them manage strict compliance and security regulations for the transmission and storage of protected health information (PHI).

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