Session Replay: New Tool for User Actions’ Replay From Dynatrace
Session Replay: New Tool for User Actions’ Replay From Dynatrace
11 Nov 2019
Dynatrace introduces Session Replay, which completes the digital experience management capabilities of our software intelligence platform. With Session Replay, you can capture, index, and visually replay the complete digital experiences for every user.  Session Replay makes it easy for your QA teams to reproduce production issues and your developers can bridge the gap between code and real life. And, your executives will love it because they get to see how well your newest features are received by customers.

What is special in this feature:
  1. All-in-one, easy, automatic
    Dynatrace Session Replay provides native support for single page applications and JavaScript frameworks, overcoming the limitations of traditional network-based approaches. It easily and automatically provides a movie-like experience of each individual customer experience in 4K even within highly dynamic environments.Issues seen with Session Replay can be tracked through the entire cloud stack to the precise root cause, even down to a specific line of problematic code.
  2. Session recordings at your fingertips
    Once you activate Session Replay, user sessions are automatically recorded including actual mouse movements, storing exactly what the user sees. By clicking the Play button for a specific customer journey on the user sessions page, you can see how the user interacted with your application and what they saw.
  3. Personal data protection
    Because Session Replay records every user interaction and captures all input values, protecting sensitive user data during Session Replay is a must. This is why Session Replay is set up to mask all user input values by default. Additional settings for further masking of specific content and user-identifying attributes are also available.
Providing value across your organization, Dynatrace digital experience management with Session Replay:
  • Increases conversions, customer satisfaction, brand confidence, and loyalty
  • Accelerates time to market in fixing malformed pages, infinite spinners, and production-critical errors
  • Shortens mean time to resolution (MTTR) for issues
  • Reduces costs and call times
  • Provides precise direct feedback cycles for UX, developers, usability experts, and business owners about problems, opportunities, errors, usability issues, and customer interest
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