WatchGuard Added SD-WAN as a Standard Feature on Every Firebox Network Security Appliance
WatchGuard Added SD-WAN as a Standard Feature on Every Firebox Network Security Appliance
11 Jan 2019
WatchGuard introduced the new SD-WAN functionality on its award-winning security platform, so that customers can optimize their network architecture while maintaining a stable and consistent state of security in organization. 
WatchGuard SD-WAN features: 
  • Deployment with the RapidDeploy service without user involvement 
  • Dynamic allocation of traffic based on user-defined policies and near real-time measures  
  • Providing a simplified management GUI and zero-touch branch site provisioning 
  • Integrated VPN technology for secure transmission over the public Internet with the option of recovering from a failure 
By the way, SD-WAN is now included in your Firebox and active support license, which means that you do not need to spend any additional money. You just need to turn it on to get started. WatchGuard solutions users get SD-WAN functionality by updating the firmware of Fireware on the device. 
SD-WAN + Security = One Easy Solution 
WatchGuard solves the unique needs of small businesses, midsize and distributed enterprises - delivering smart, strong security that is simple for organizations without an army of IT resources to successfully manage. We’ve brought this successful recipe to SD-WAN delivery as well. 
Businesses looking for the operational advantages of SD-WAN find that they also need to add branch security to implement the hybrid WAN architecture that makes it all work. WatchGuard delivers a range of appliances that are perfectly sized for the branch office, retail outlet, and healthcare clinic, and can deliver SD-WAN along with stellar security. That makes it more cost-effective and easier to use than other specialty products that require companies to deploy multiple boxes at the branch or work with multiple providers diluting their purchasing power and adding difficulty to ongoing management. 
Just Turn It On! 
SD-WAN comes standard with each Firebox network security appliance – no additional purchases are required. Along with networking features and centralized management, our solution includes the robust VPNs, strong encryption and firewall services that aren’t specifically required for SD-WAN but necessary to maintain a common security posture across your organization. 
Proven Zero-Touch Deployment 
WatchGuard’s RapidDeploy service enables our customers to easily set up and install a Firebox at a distant site without technical staff.  Just plug it in, and it will download its configuration from a template in the Cloud.  Unlike some other providers, we have over 12,000 deployments over several years that have used RapidDeploy, providing you with the confidence that comes with proven technology. 
Dynamic Path Selection 
We measure the performance – including jitter, latency and packet loss – of multiple WAN options to automatically select the optimal Internet connection for each type of branch office traffic. Using SD-WAN dynamic path selection, administrators can define the minimum acceptable performance levels for each connection and type of traffic to enable SD-WAN right from their Firebox! 
Are you ready for SD-WAN? 
If you operate a business with more than just a few sites, you face unique challenges. Many businesses look to address these issues by implementing SD-WAN, which can allow them to improve the network experience while managing their budgets. 
WatchGuard SD-WAN Offers a Comprehensive Approach 
Many companies will offer a stand-alone SD-WAN product, and even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might present you with one of these solutions in their package of services.  When you look closely, you’ll see that most providers offer similar features that closely align to the functional SD-WAN definitions pro-posed by industry experts; however, network security providers deliver more substantial security features, which are often needed to support common SD-WAN use cases. 
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