Sniffer Analysis
Sniffer Analysis

Sniffer Analysis provides unsurpassed protocol analysis and troubleshooting capabilities by decoding and analyzing packet traces collected from any number of nGenius InfiniStream appliances deployed across the network. The Sniffer Analysis software suite provides a powerful view deep into IP network packets, revealing granular information about network and application interactions, response time and latency metrics.

Sniffer Analysis is a specialized network analysis software package included with each nGenius InfiniStream appliance and provide a direct-connect interface to nGenius InfiniStream appliances through the following modules:

  1. Sniffer Intelligence (optional module) – Back-in-time application-aware network analysis software supplies packet-level forensic analysis to simplify troubleshooting, including enterprise application and voice intelligence capabilities.
  1. InfiniStream Console – Direct-connect interface to one or more nGenius InfiniStream appliances. This console serves as a launch point for highly granular packet decode and analysis. Fast, flexible data filters enable mining of packet data, allowing users to speed problem isolation and resolution for application and network performance issues.


Sniffer Analysis enables IT staff to perform granular packet analysis, data mining, and decode of packets captured and stored by nGenius InfiniStream appliances. Capabilities include:

  • Provides a direct connection to nGenius InfiniStream appliances so users can view and analyze native packet data for unrestricted data mining to perform detailed forensic analysis on network traffic
  • Automatic identification of popular packaged applications and next-generation IP-based services
  • More than one hundred flow-based statistics and metrics including detailed server and network response times, TCP efficiencies, anomalies, and QoS levels
  • Recognition of Voice over IP (VoIP) call detail records
  • Patented HyperLock multi-dimensional filtering to speed data retrieval and expedite troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive yet flexible views of decoded packet data
  • Industry-leading Sniffer decodes and experts
  • QuickSelect thumbnail overview of traffic over time
  • Merges multiple packet traces to provide a consolidated view
  • Visually shows which packets and statistical time slices are available for retrieval
  • Quickly reacts to service delivery issues using a “crash-cart” problem resolution approach
  • Solves difficult problems only visible at the deep packet level
  • SSL decryption in real time with fast flexible packet decode techniques.