Sniffer Global Analyzer
Sniffer Global Analyzer

Sniffer Global Analyzer extends enterprise-class functionality to Sniffer Portable Analyzer technology.

Sniffer Global Analyzer offers a centralized, policy-based access control system that governs how and what a user accesses on the network.  An administrative server controls user access to network data and analysis functions, monitors activity within the tool, and provides usage reports—fixing a commonly overlooked and dangerous security problem. Sniffer Global Analyzer is available in a ten or unlimited-user license version, for deployment flexibility across distributed and global organizations.

Sniffer Global Analyzer is also the only network analyzer to integrate with Cisco 3000 Series Mobility Services Engine (MSE). With Sniffer Global Analyzer, users can connect into the network quickly identify wireless devices and correlate contextual location-based information from Cisco MSE to place these wireless devices on a physical map. Sniffer Global Analyzer users can utilize the tool to access best-in-class network analysis capabilities, isolate performance issues and protect end-user quality of experience.

Sniffer Global Analyzer has robust expert modes that enable users to quickly identify errors during packet-level analysis for a wide range of protocol decodes covering all of the most common applications and protocols. Sniffer Global Analyzer delivers intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards and network analysis views that include deep packet drill downs.

  • Leverages all Sniffer Portable Professional Analyzer software capabilities for enterprise use
  • Centralizes usage controls on a per-user, per-role basis to limit access to sensitive data
  • Policy-based user authentication assures network or application security
  • Online and offline user activity tracking and reporting
  • Integration with the Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Service Engine (MSE) to display physical location of wireless devices in context with relevant metrics
  • Centralized license, upgrade, and patch management assures consistency and transparency across multiple IT audiences and geographies.