Dynatrace Data Center RUM
Dynatrace Data Center RUM

Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) is an effective, non-intrusive choice for monitoring business applications that are accessed by employees, partners and customers outside the corporate enterprise or from the corporate network (intranet or extranet). DC RUM passively collects data from a switch port or tap in your data center using an Agentless Monitoring Device (AMD). This approach complements Enterprise Synthetic agent-based monitoring, which measures predictable, predefined transactions from a steady-state client. Together, agentless and agent-based monitoring give you total visibility of the infrastructure so you can see when and where slowdowns occur, respond to them faster, and prevent them from impacting business. DC RUM targets Web-based applications and their supporting middleware and databases, providing an excellent picture of end-user experience, supplemented by analysis of the network and Web server impact on transaction performance. The software highlights the most widely used Web pages to help with the prioritization of problem resolution efforts. Monitoring between server tiers provides response times for database and middleware operations. In a Citrix environment, agentless monitoring ties these back-end performance measurements to the end user who initiated the transaction. For all other enterprise applications DC RUM can be used to gauge application performance using metrics such as user wait time, server delay, network delay, and throughput.

Features Overview

Correlated Application and Network Performance Analysis:

  • get a correlated view of the health of your enterprise applications and the network from a single dashboard;
  • directly view and assess the contribution of network performance to application performance and availability, in the context of end user experience;
  • automatically recognize users and transactions across your application delivery chain, including custom and packaged applications, load balancers, web servers, middleware, databases, network services and much more;
  • correlate user experience monitoring measurements to the network, infrastructure components, apps, transactions, user groups and geographic regions.

Rapid and Precise Fault Domain Isolation:

  • automated analysis determines normal versus abnormal application performance;
  • industry’s broadest range of application analysis modules to quickly identify the fault domain across all infrastructure tiers;
  • dive deep into issues and fix them in record time.

Real-Time Analysis of All Applications, All Tiers:

  • wide coverage of data center databases, middleware applications and services, with deep transactional analysis of performance, enables to track user-experience performance issues to specific application tier or integrated services within data center;
  • deep transactional analysis across a wide range of databases, middleware applications and services, including IBM MQ, XML/SOAP, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MSSQL, LDAP, SMB/CIFS, web servers, Exchange, and more;
  • transactional analysis to see how individual SQL queries or MQ transactions perform within the data center.

Understand Business Impact by Affected Users and Transactions:

  • information from DC RUM can you tell whether performance problems are global application issues or isolated to specific sub-groups, like location, browser or client software version;
  • characterize each user’s experience and then build an aggregate picture.

Packet-Level Depth with Business-Level Context:

  • capture network trace files with transactional and user context, both on demand and retrospectively;
  • dynatrace Data Center RUM provides near real time performance monitoring and convenient and efficient access to historical packet level data to quickly go back in time to discover the root cause of a problem.

Eliminate Network Visibility Gaps:

  • see all network interactions on the wire, in real time and through deep-dive post-capture analysis, across data centers and remote locations;
  • understand user activities by transactions and user names for HTTP/S, SAP, Oracle, Exchange, SOAP/XML, Citrix, VoIP, MQ, and many more;
  • identify hotspots, performance limitations, visualize server and network bottlenecks, and understand WAN usage and optimization efficiency - for all transactions, across all tiers, down to the user.

Reclaim Visibility Beyond Your Data Center:

  • understand the impact of Web 2.0, mobile, public cloud and third-party services with Dynatrace UEM and Synthetic integration;
  • full application detail down to the method level to pinpoint performance and functional problems and see what happened within application server code when User Activity report showed long server time or server error for a specific page load.

Synthetic Monitoring for Enterprise Apps:

  • proactively monitor any enterprise application for availability, SLA monitoring and reporting to reduce application downtime significantly;
  • expedite the resolution of an application performance problem at the time it initially occurs;
  • troubleshoot problems pro-actively using actionable alerts, detailed metrics and comprehensive diagnostics. Long-term trending shows changes over time and provides continuous measurements of application availability.

From End-User Experience to Code level:

  • quickly find and fix performance issues hidden within server-side components;
  • analyze performance from the network perspective and drill down into application, server, transaction and user details;
  • trace transaction execution from front-end web servers through all application tiers, down to mainframe CICS programs.


  • 100% of SAP user transactions, 24/7;
  • auto detect SAP processes and individual user names;
  • deep visibility into SAP GUI protocol (DIAG) and encrypted traffic (SNC);
  • agentless monitoring;
  • real-time reporting and alerting;
  • certified with SAP NetWeaver®, and successfully tested by the SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL).

  • fast problem isolation across all tiers;
  • instant insight into virtualized desktop performance;
  • Auto-Detect / Auto-Adjust;
  • Citrix-specific Performance Reports;
  • network round-trip time;
  • retransmissions rate;
  • effective network throughput;
  • network bandwidth usage per location;
  • TCP connectivity availability from client to server.

  • proactive problem resolution;
  • Automatic User Identification;
  • fast diagnosis of Oracle performance issues;
  • easy Database Monitoring;
  • single unified view;
  • insight into Forms Operations;
  • business-Oriented Reporting;
  • includes Oracle Siebel support.

  • operational performance of in-flight audio traffic;
  • performance fluctuations of individual calls;
  • call establishment and quality measurement;
  • performance metrics: MOS, R-Factor, Jitter, latency, loss rate and delay.