MobileIron Apps
MobileIron Apps

Client-side products installed on mobile devices make end users more productive by allowing access to approved corporate resources, such as mobile applications and enterprise content.

MobileIron Apps: 

 MobileIron Apps@Work ->

MobileIron’s enterprise app storefront lets the user download both in-house developed and third party business apps that have been approved by IT. The app storefront experience can also be customized by IT administrators to define which applications are assigned to a given user. This is a key component to deliver Mobile Application Management capabilities.

MobileIron's Enterprise Application Storefront has three primary capabilities: 1) Application Distribution Library; 2) Application Security and Access Control; 3) Application Inventory
  • Application Distribution Library
The Application Distribution Library provides a centralized location for business applications and enables IT to set granular policies on applications. With MobileIron Apps@Work, IT administrators can directly publish private apps to their users, accelerating the app discovery process for end-users. Administrators can also approve external applications and distribute them to users, making it clear to employees that these apps are approved and supported.
  • Application Security and Access Control
Using Application Security and Access Control, administrators quickly select which applications are required, allowed, or disallowed and then associate these apps with rules that specify the consequences of being out of policy. These consequences may include blocking further email to the device or sending SMS and email notifications to the user and IT administrator informing them of policy violations.
  • Application Inventory
MobileIron’s Application Inventory presents a snapshot of the applications installed across all of a company’s managed devices. MobileIron administrators can track new applications coming into the enterprise, determine the popularity of applications, and identify possible rogue applications. Administrators can also monitor user adoption of mobile enterprise applications they have built and published.

MobileIron AppConnect ->

It is a critical component of the Mobile Content Management (MCM) solution that containerizes apps to protect data-at-rest without touching personal data. Once integrated, these applications become part of the secure container on the device managed by the MobileIron Client.
Because each user has multiple business apps, each app container is also connected to other secure app containers. This allows the sharing of policies, like single sign-on, and the sharing of data, like documents, between secure applications. Application containers are integrated with MobileIron Core for policy management. AppConnect-enabled applications can also leverage MobileIron Sentry to exchange information with enterprise back-end systems using per app VPN solutions or AppTunnel.

Email+ ->

The Email+ solution for iOS and Android offers MobileIron customers a secure and mobile productivity centric email, contacts, calendar and tasks experience on iOS and Android devices that gives IT the security and controls it needs, including government-grade encryption to protect all business apps and data with confidence. Personal Information Managemen (PIM) solution includes a workspace that contains user friendly email, contacts, calendar and task. And, in conjunction with MobileIron AppConnect, companies can safely deploy Bring-Your-Own-Device programs, ensuring that business data is protected and secure inside the AppConnect container.

Key Feature Highlights:
Strong Security
  • Password-protected email so if an employee leaves an iPad unattended no unauthorized parties can open and read the email on the iPad.
  • Data encryption on mobile devices so that it cannot be extracted in iTunes and with HTML secure mode.
  • Enhanced email security via S/MIME to support signing and encryption.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls such as disabling copy/paste controls so that mobile users are unable to copy and paste content from corporate emails and distribute via social media or personal email.
  • Attachment sharing controls to block non-work applications from opening corporate email attachments.
  • Secure intranet access enabled invisibly and automatically through AppConnect, which can provide a secure connection through per-app VPN.

Business Productivity

  • Highlight external email recipients
  • Automatic sync folder-by-folder
  • Smart Folders showing unread emails in folders
  • VIP notifications
  • Free/Busy availability view when scheduling calendar entries
  • Graphical calendar view in List, Day, Month and Year view
  • Conference autodialing with passcode
  • Propose new time with ability to respond with comments
  • Exporting contact to personal, if allowed by admin
  • Syncing of Exchange Tasks and creating new tasks with timeline, alerts and priority, all within Email+

User Privacy and Choice

  • Separation of work and personal content on the device to protect both end-user privacy and corporate data.
  • Broad set of graphical, notifications and productivity preference settings available to the end-user.

MobileIron Docs@Work ->

MobileIron Docs@Work provides an intuitive way to access, annotate, share, and view documents across a variety of email and on-premise and cloud content management systems, such as SharePoint, Dropbox, OneDrive Pro, Office 365 and Box. This enables the MobileIron EMM platform to deliver Mobile Content Management (MCM) capabilities. It also provides DLP for email attachments by decrypting documents delivered through Sentry.

Docs@Work Features Include:

  • Secure Content Hub
Allows the user to securely view and store documents in specific apps on their device. The secure content hub can selectively wipe documents when a user or device falls out of compliance and blocks clipboard actions for enterprise content.
  • Email Attachment Control
Emails are scanned for attachments and then filtered. If necessary, “open in” access is blocked to the attachments so that only Docs@Work can open the attachment.
  • Content Repository Access
Mobile users have secure access to an array of content across on-premise and cloud repositories such as SharePoint, OneDrive Pro, Office 365, Box and Dropbox. Users can be more productive and easily access a range of content from one mobile app and IT can establish key policies to ensure enterprise content is secured.
  • Automatic and Secure Tunneling to Enterprise Content Repositories
Accessing content is secure and easy with Single Sign On (SSO) and per App VPN for Docs@Work. An end-¬user can easily access enterprise content repositories behind the corporate firewall without needing a separate VPN.
  • Integrated Editing and Upload to Source Repositories
With Docs@Work, users can mark-up documents downloaded from content repositories or saved from email attachments. Edited documents on the mobile device can be securely stored or shared with colleagues and re-uploaded to available
repositories. Docs@Work supports annotation for PDF and non-¬PDF document types.
  • Published Sites
With Docs@Work Published Sites, content administrators can proactively push important content to a user's device. All content is securely stored, synchronized and available for offline viewing. Administrators can choose which content or repository locations should be distributed, based on a variety of device and user attributes, such as enterprise directory group membership.
  • Docs@Work Security Manager
Docs@Work Security Manager provides an additional level of security and visibility. It allows organizations to set document upload, download, edit, expiration policies and selectively wipe specific documents off a device. For example, if a pricelist must be updated every 30 days, Docs@Work Security Manager can ensure that the expired document is wiped from the device and updated with the new one. Docs@Work Security Manager activities trail provides visibility into work documents accessed, when and by whom they were accessed and on what device. Enforcement actions takes are also tracked providing granular reporting that supports the compliance strategy of the organization.

 MobileIron Web@Work ->

The Web@Work enterprise mobile browser enables end users to access internal web resources quickly and easily, using familiar processes with minimal setup. The native and high-fidelity web browsing experience is preserved without sacrificing security, as Web@Work protects the data - both in rest and in motion - on the device. 
Web@Work Features Include:
  • Secure data-in-motion
Enterprise web traffic is tunneled through MobileIron Sentry for secure transport and access control. To comply with the privacy laws required in some geographies, IT can enable split-tunnel configurations. This allows external websites to bypass Sentry and IT visibility.
  • Browser-exclusive tunnel
IT can limit user access to internal web resources users based on their group membership in the enterprise directory or other user and device characteristics. If the user or device falls out of compliance, the tunnel will be automatically blocked until the compliance issue is remediated. VPN is not required.
  • Containerized data-at-rest
Browser cache, cookies, history, and other website data are all encrypted and subject to wipe depending on device compliance.
  • DLP controls
‘Open In’ and Copy/Paste can be restricted to prevent corporate data leaking to unsecured applications.
  • User-based configuration
IT administrators can use the policies, users, roles, groups, and permissions already set in MobileIron to define and silently push Web@Work configuration, including unique browser "bookmarks," to internal corporate web resources based on the user's role in the organization.

MobileIron Help@Work ->

Help@Work transforms the help desk experience for iOS and Android devices by allowing users to ask for help with a click of a button and to share their screen with a help desk agent. Users no longer waste valuable time trying to verbalize the issue, and IT staff is more efficient when troubleshooting device issues. With Help@Work, support desks get a rich diagnostic experience that streamlines problem solving.

Simple, Fast, and Effective Support: 
  • Simplified remote diagnostics for mobile devices
  • Users easily enabled to request help
  • Remote screen viewing
  • Remote screen control (Android only)
  • Screen sharing via WAN, Wi-Fi, or cellular
  • Customizable a number of ways from simple text to logo updates

MobileIron Tunnel ->

MobileIron Tunnel protects network data with an innovative multi-OS app VPN that supports iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. With Tunnel, IT administrators can effortlessly configure devices with identity certificates and VPN configurations, which enables seamless and secure enterprise access for the employee.

Tunnel Supports iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Devices
MobileIron Tunnel gives users secure, instant access to business information on the go by providing secure network connectivity and dynamic access control on any device. With Tunnel, IT can provide zero-touch, app VPN connectivity to resources behind the corporate firewall so mobile employees can access the productivity apps and content they need without jumping through security hurdles to get there.
Tunnel allows organizations to authorize any business app, including in-house and third-party apps, to access resources on the corporate intranet using a secure network connection. App VPNs can be established over any network, including public Wi-Fi networks or cellular networks to ensure business data is always secure. Tunnel also leverages MobileIron’s advanced closed-loop compliance engine to ensure jailbroken and otherwise non-compliant devices are not allowed to access sensitive business data.
In addition, Tunnel significantly improves the user experience by establishing on-demand or always-on app VPN connections without requiring the user to take any additional steps. Personal and malicious apps are blocked so that only business data flows through Tunnel, which provides greater protection for enterprise data and user privacy.
Tunnel features include:
  • Secure app VPN connectivity for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices
  • Seamless user experience through zero-touch, on-demand or always-on, app VPN connectivity
  • Supports any app including in-house, public, and cloud-based apps
  • Certificate-based authentication and secure, passwordless access
  • Supports domain-based secure access from Safari and Internet Explorer
  • Split-tunnel capabilities to manage network traffic efficiently
  • Works across any network including public Wi-Fi and cellular