GFI WebMonitor
GFI WebMonitor
GFI WebMonitor® is a comprehensive Internet usage monitoring solution. It enables you to monitor and filter Web browsing and file downloads in real-time. It also enables you to optimize bandwidth by limiting access to streaming media and other bandwidth consuming activities, while enhancing network security with built-in tools that scan traffic for viruses and other malwares.
Marked by numerous awards, GFI WebMonitor provides you with ability to: 
  • Monitor and control web activity for improved productivity
  • Manage bandwidth and internet usage for cutting costs
  • Secure downloads and web browsing for uptime and peace of mind

With GFI WebMonitor it is possible to:
  • Create filtering policies based on website categories. Block or allow websites based on website content
  • Manage Applications used in your organization. Allow only applications that contribute to your organization, while blocking others that impact your employee productivity
  • Create time and bandwidth based limits for users to browse leisure sites such as auctions, travel or social network for a limited time per day
  • Apply policies based on Users, IPs, or ActiveDirectory groups
  • Apply time schedules to a policy. While some policies should always apply, others can be set to apply during specific hours, for example, to allow users access to gaming or social networking only during breaks or outside office hours
  • Perform Real-time monitoring of your Internet resources
  • Use Interactive dashboards that allow you to view the data the way you need
  • Configure Alerts within specific policies and get notified when certain events occur and there is a need of high priority actions
  • Enforce SafeSearch and Full web protection
  • Monitor searches in Search engines for additional insight on what is happening within the organization. You’ll be able to see what users are searching for
  • Enforce download control policies that block downloads based on file types, sizes 
  • Scan downloads using multiple antivirus engines just in case anything gets past the block 
  • Use Web Reputation engine to block the threat of potentially malicious websites. The ThreatTrack website blacklist enables you to proactively block hundreds of thousands of websites with bad intent
  • Phishing Protection
  • The latest feature, WebInsights enables IT administrators to analyze data in a historical and behavioral context. WebInsights dashboards deliver unprecedented visibility into key web activity and security metrics
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