Delphix Data Masking
Delphix Data Masking
The masking capability of the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform represents an automated approach to protecting non-production environments, replacing confidential information such as social security numbers, patient records, and credit card information with fictitious, yet realistic data. Unlike encryption measures that can be bypassed through schemes to obtain user credentials, masking irreversibly protects data in downstream environments. Consistent masking of data while maintaining referential integrity across heterogeneous data sources enables Delphix to provide superior coverage compared to other solutions—all without the need for programming expertise. Moreover, the Delphix platform seamlessly integrates masking with data delivery capabilities, ensuring the security of sensitive data before it is made available for development and testing, or sent to an offsite data center or the public cloud.
End-to-End Masking
The Delphix platform automatically detects confidential information, irreversibly masks data values, then generates reports and alerts to ensure that all sensitive data has been masked. 
Realistic Data
Data masked with the Delphix platform is production-like in quality. Masked application data in non-production environments remains fully functional and realistic, enabling the development of higher-quality code. 
Masking Integrated with Virtualization
Most masking solutions fail due to the need for repeated, lengthy batch jobs for extracting and masking data and lack delivery capabilities for downstream environments. The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform seamlessly integrates data masking with data virtualization, allowing teams to quickly deliver masked, virtual data copies on premises or into private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. 
Referential Integrity
Delphix masks consistently across heterogeneous data sources. To do so, metadata and data is scanned to identify and preserve the primary/foreign key relationships between elements so that data is masked the same way across different tables and databases.
Seven out-of-the-box algorithms help businesses mask everything from names and social security numbers to images and text fields. Algorithms can be configured or customized to match specific security policies. Moreover, the Delphix platform includes prepackaged masking framework sets for healthcare and financial information, as well as the ability to perform tokenization: a process that can be used to obfuscate data sent for processing, then reversed when the processed data set is returned.
Ease of Use
With a single solution, Delphix customers can mask data across a variety of platforms. Moreover, businesses are not required to program their own masking algorithms or rely on extensive administrator involvement. Its web-based UI enables masking with just a few mouse clicks and no training.
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