GFI ClearView
GFI ClearView

GFI ClearView is a solution for real-time network, traffic, and app monitoring that offers interactive analytics and custom reports to help perform network audits and improve productivity.

Main features:

Unified dashboard

The ClearView Dashboard provides data about network performance, use of critical applications, and user statistics, and shows reports and notifications. The dashboard helps monitor your traffic in real time, identify which apps use up more bandwidth, and detect issues affecting app productivity. ClearView traffic analysis contributes to your existing firewalls and security systems.

Virtual deployment

ClearView supports virtual machine deployment, saving your organization’s resources since you don’t need to buy and configure additional equipment. Customizing the solution doesn’t take up much time, and you can start monitoring right after deployment. 1-second resolution provide an almost immediate visibility into the entire network.

Comprehensive app monitoring

ClearView provides visibility into all your applications, not just the most popular ones. This allows your IT team to detect potentially dangerous and unauthorized apps in time before cybercriminals exploit them.

Active Directory integration allows monitoring apps by users and seeing who has access to which application and services. In turn, your team will get valuable data that can help detect critical issues that affect your app performance.

Additionally, application performance scores (APS) help rate app productivity from 1 to 10 based on your set benchmarks.

Advanced reporting tools

ClearView has a built-in reporting tool that simplifies data analysis and provides valuable information about the network and app state. The ClearView library includes report catalogs for WAN planning, application performance, network and critical IT project management.

You can export data from your SOC or other tools into ClearView, reducing the time and effort needed to create certification reports.

Additional functionality:

  • Customizable alerts — you can specify what events trigger notifications for end users, who receive the alerts, and what information should be sent.
  • SIEM integration — allows exporting logs that include comprehensive information about your systems, improving the overall security level of your network, preventing security incidents, and reducing downtime.
  • Regular network audits — ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and planned performance metrics.
  • Data collection — information can be gathered from various internal and external sources, including SOC, and stored for up to two years, which allows you to retrieve required data for policy compliance and audit performance.
  • Favorite GFI ClearVIew features can be saved when switching to GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator.

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