Synthetic Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring
Why F5 Distributed Cloud Synthetic Monitoring?
Easy to deploy and consume
Get robust visualization and actionable insights that are consumable to all levels of leadership. Interact with an API client for our services, with no need to go into the portal or to deploy an agent.
  • Reduce Application Downtime Monitor endpoints to stay on top of potential problems and reduce app downtime.
  • Validate DNS Resiliency and Configuration Ensure that end users can always reach your applications.
Single-screen observability
Gain a holistic view of your app delivery performance and security from a single screen. See the blast radius of infrastructure impacts and drill down as necessary into critical apps.
  • Assess Baseline App Performance and Availability Track, detect, and resolve issues impacting the digital experience.
  • Understand Blast Radius Quickly see what other apps may also be at risk of outages.
Security-focused analytics
  • Leverage our TLS monitors that automatically generate TLS reports and summary scores for your endpoints based on exposed vulnerabilities, TLS protocols, offered ciphers, and more. Stay current with security, TLS posture, and certificates across apps.
  • TLS Scoring Summarize TLS posture into a single score and grade.
  • Identify Vulnerabilities Scan for exposed TLS vulnerabilities.
Cloud-agnostic tracking across all endpoints
Compare uptime and performance across environments or architectures. F5 Synthetic Monitoring is decoupled from the data plane delivering applications to give an unbiased picture of digital experience
  • Test Third-Party Service Providers Validate that service-level agreements (SLAs) are met.
  • Optimize Application Deployments Test different app deployments for optimization.
Product Overview
Detect Application Issues Before Your Users Do
Synthetic Monitoring from F5 Distributed Cloud sources data from global regions for analytics and insights. This enables customers to establish their baseline digital experience metrics and to understand the blast radius of app issues and outages.
- Deploy via the user interface
Create an HTTP(s) Synthetic Monitor to track the health and performance of your HTTP(s) applications.
- Deploy via an API
Create, replace, or update a Synthetic Monitor via an API.
Core Capabilities
  • TLS Score reports
  • HTTP(s) synthetic monitors
  • DNS synthetic monitors
  • Focused alerts
  • Global reach
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