Daugavpils University uses Kerio Connect for easy and safe handling of information
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Daugavpils University uses Kerio Connect for easy and safe handling of information
Daugavpils University uses Kerio Connect for easy and safe handling of information

Main task

Information technology is an integral part in providing functioning of the modern educational establishment.  Scientific institutions have a lot of specialized IT solutions, like collection databases, GIS modeling tools, servers etc. and they do not have a large IT department for working with solution which requires much effort in maintenance.
Arvis Soldans, who is responsible for Study and research center "Ilgas" of Daugavpils University told that Number of users depends on number of active projects and number of staff, but it is in range 45 - 60 users so they needed flexible and scalable solution for an easy and safe way of handling the information.

An employee who starts his day with "cleaning" inbox from unneeded emails, wastes time instead of doing productive work. If the organization does not have good anti-spam, or parameters are not correct, employees spend in average from 20 to 40 minutes of their time just cleaning inbox from unwanted messages and correspondence that has nothing to do with the duties performed by them. Proper filtration labor-mail helps to optimize the working time of employees, not to mention information security.

Choosing Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Exchange.  Widely known and well-proven system of Kerio Connect does not require significant maintenance costs and meets the needs of small and medium-sized organization. The system has good flexibility in deployment and provides support for a wide range of mobile devices.
«Before buying this product we had made a full product audit to understand all features and what this product can give to us. This product had clean and light web design and powerful administration possibilities», explains Arvis.

Administrator dashboard

Ease of deployment and administration was one of the main tasks when designing a system. Requiring a lower license costs, maintenance and equipment, system Kerio Connect is much more cost-effective compared to other offerings on the market.

Results of implementation

For today, The Daugavpils University’s mail is protected against hacking and malicious attacks. They are sure that spam is no longer a problem for them. University is happy with the choice they have made and are planning on proceeding with Kerio Connect in the future.

“I like Kerio Connect because it has an intuitive client for webmail, simple web admin interface for its configurations and I can make a migration from the previous mail sever without any problems using Kerio migrations tools.”- says Arvis.

About Daugavpils University 

Daugavpils University was founded in 1921 and today is the biggest regional state university and the only university in Eastern Latvia. Today more than 4000 students from across the country. DU offers to achieve knowledge in 5 faculties and 53 study programs. Main research disciplines of DU scientists are Literary Science, Linguistics, History, Biology, Environmental sciences, Physics, Economy, Sociology, Psychology, Education and Art.

About Kerio Technologies

Kerio® provides safe, simple, and secure business productivity solutions to more than 60,000 small businesses and millions of users globally. Our award-winning email, UTM/firewall, VOIP, and collaboration solutions are distributed through a network of more than 6,000 reseller partners. Kerio® is a profitable and growing technology leader headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, and Brazil.

At Kerio®, our mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses connect, communicate, and collaborate securely. We focus on making technology flexible, accessible, and easier to use.

Official web site: http://www.kerio.com/

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