DeviceLock Solves the Confidential Data Access Problem for Pivdenkombank
DeviceLock Solves the Confidential Data Access Problem for Pivdenkombank
DeviceLock Solves the Confidential Data Access Problem for Pivdenkombank

Pivdenkombank Commercial Bank, a public stock company, has implemented the DeviceLock solution to control the users’ access to important corporate information and prevent information leaks.

The implementation of DeviceLock became one of the stages in the modernization of the Bank’s IT infrastructure. Given the large number of staff, with 800 employees in Kyiv alone, the risk of data leaks is quite high. Upon implementation of DeviceLock, the IT security service received a tool for centralized control over the user access to data reading devices, which made it possible to monitor their activities within the network more closely.

The implementation of such solutions always requires adjustments in the conditions of using and managing information resources,” said Vladyslav Orlovskyi, Lead Software Engineer of the IT department, “But these activities are necessary if the company wants to protect the important and valuable information from leaks and unauthorized distribution.”

The main parameters considered while selecting the product to cope with the required tasks were flexibility, market position, and price. DeviceLock was found preferable under these criteria for several reasons: first, a fully functional tryout version is available for the users before the purchase; second, there is abundant information on the Internet about successful DeviceLock implementation projects, which makes the product trustworthy, and third, the tech support staff is quick and efficient.


About Pivdenkombank Commercial Bank 
PIVDENKOMBANK is a versatile commercial institution with over 20 years of stable performance in the Ukrainian financial market. According to the Ukrainian National Bank’s rating, it belongs to the 3rd group of banks by the total asset value. As of March 1, 2012, the net asset value of PIVDENKOMBANK was 4 billion 215 million UAH.

PIVDENKOMBANK is a part of the METAL UNION Group. The financial and credit institution has 35 regional branches in its network.

About DeviceLock 
DeviceLock 7 DLP Suite is a DLP solution for confidential data protection. It provides control over the data transferred by users through local input/output ports, network communication channels (IM, social networks, Web Mail), and allows for context analysis of the data being transferred.

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