Success story of Kerio® Connect, over the past two years at Biomapas!
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Success story of Kerio® Connect, over the past two years at Biomapas!
Success story of Kerio® Connect, over the past two years at Biomapas!

Biomapas like others companies felt the need for a reliable and fast access to their email boxes, calendars and contacts. Easy and safe handling information has always been important for any kind of businesses. All this functionalities, according to Mindaugas Mitkus, IT administrator at Biomapas, was consolidated in one solution from Kerio® Technology, called Kerio® Connect.

"I am happy to use Kerio® Connect with ActiveSync protocol during past two years. Using this software we have direct and secure access to our communications anytime, anywhere and on any device"  — said Mindaugas Mitkus.

To be a modern company, Biomapas is investing in IT a lot, that is why they annually renewing the Kerio® Connect maintenance and increasing the number of Kerio® Connect users, according to company’s growth.

After Kerio® Connect integration, Biomapas have received a number of advantages:

  • cross-platform support for a variety of email clients for the flexibility business users demand;
  • protection for email users and the network with security features such as SSL encryption, S/MIME and powerful antivirus and antispam tools;
  • secure mobile support for a wide range of devices from iPhones and Android phones to tablets.

For today, Biomapas’s mail is protected against hacking and malicious attacks by SSL encryption, S/MIME and integrated anti-spam onboard. In addition, automated backup with granular restore options ensure quick and easy recovery from all types of disasters.


Biomapas UAB — Lithuanian private research organization (CRO) established in 2001. Biomapas has extensive experience in numerous therapeutic areas, such as psychiatry, cardiovascular disease, Oncology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology. The company also cooperates with the Lithuanian University of health Sciences, University clinics and other Lithuanian medical institutions.

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