UPC Simplifies Oracle Database Management Process and Enhances Productivity of Its Administrators using Spotlight® on Oracle
UPC Simplifies Oracle Database Management Process and Enhances Productivity of Its Administrators using Spotlight® on Oracle
UPC Simplifies Oracle Database Management Process and Enhances Productivity of Its Administrators using Spotlight® on Oracle

The Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC) is a leader on the market of card processing and outsourcing services. The company manages ATM networks, supports POS terminals and offers e-commerce solutions, fraud prevention systems, SMS banking solutions and a lot more to 59 banks in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The company offers services in the field of card transaction processing and ATM outsourcing, and develops out-of-the-box payment solutions.

UPC's database administrators' team is responsible for the correct operation of all systems that rely on Oracle database. The card business requires instant response and a high level of support to customers. For this reason, it is very important to react to emerging issues proactively. Every minute of downtime translates into non-processed transactions resulting in the profit reduction and the deterioration of the company's reputation.

However, database administrators spent too much time on writing SQL and shell scripts for the database diagnostics. A tool reflecting the condition of the database with the detailed information about any potential issues in a visual and clear form was required in order to enhance the team's productivity. This tool would also make it possible to improve the manageability of Oracle databases, enhance the customer support quality and offer an opportunity to concentrate on business.

Quest Solution 
When researching the market, the team of administrators encountered positive opinions about Spotlight® onOracle tool offered by Quest, and decided to download a trial version. Spotlight on Oracle enables diagnosing Oracle and Oracle RAC environments in real time in order to get rid of productivity issues. This approach makes it possible to reduce the problem solving time, prevent unscheduled system downtime, enhance the service level, and expand the awareness of administrators of Oracle productivity.

It was quite easy for the database administrator team to substantiate the value and the usefulness of a product like Spotlight to the management in comparison with the limited potential of standard solutions. "When you use Spotlight, it becomes evident that the product was developed by a team of genuine Oracle professionals," Ihor Lipsky, UPC Database Administrator, commented. "The product's value is in the detailed information offered by the tool and the extremely visible functionality which is not available in standard solutions."

End Result 
Spotlight optimized the process of the Oracle environment management by administrators. "Spotlight on Oracle gave us an opportunity to react to various incidents arising in the course of the interaction of the software with databases more promptly," Ihor Lipsky claims. "It helps protect our business and offers an opportunity to develop and go forward."

Today, the database administrator team can respond to issues proactively. In addition, it is hardly necessary anymore to write own diagnostic scripts. "Spotlight tells us, if there are issues with the database," Ihor Lipsky adds. "This lets our organization to respond to all the incidents quicker. Now the customers are better satisfied with our work."

The detailed diagnostic data offered by Spotlight are an irreplaceable source of information for administrators."The interface is the most valuable feature of Spotlight. It offers a clear and comprehensive overview of the condition of the entire Oracle environment," Ihor Lipsky says. "It gives us an opportunity to tackle the emerging issues much quicker than before."


About Ukrainian Processing Center 
UPC has been working in Ukraine since 1997 and on the Eastern European market since 2007.The processing center offers banks card transaction processing services, ATM, POS terminal and self-service kiosk support, the software for the card business and the ATM network management services. Today, the company supports 7,800 ATMs, more than 8.7 million cards, and processes about 36 million transactions per month. UPC enjoys the status of MSP and Visa Net Processor in MasterCard and Visa payment systems. The company provides services to 55 banks in Ukraine and 4 banks in countries of Eastern Europe. For more detail, see http://upc.ua.

About Quest Software 
Quest Software simplifies the IT management and reduces its cost in more than 100,000 companies all over the world. Our innovative products simplify the solution of the most complicated IT management tasks giving our clients an opportunity to save resources and time in the physical, virtual and cloud environment. For more detail, see www.quest.com

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