Projects: DeviceLock
30 Oct 2015
Citadele Bank in Lithuania, has implemented DeviceLock solution to prevent data leaks by enforcing corporate policies.
02 Apr 2012
Pivdenkombank Commercial Bank, a public stock company, has implemented the DeviceLock solution to control the users’ access to important corporate information and prevent information leaks.
20 Mar 2012
Ukrgasbank, one of the Top 20 largest Ukrainian banks, has implemented DeviceLock DLP Suite to protect the personal data of its customers and the corporate information against leaks.
09 Nov 2010
In order to obtain control over the access to the confidential data of the company and to prevent data leaks, TNT Express Ukraine has implemented DeviceLock software product.
29 Sep 2010
In order to secure itself against possible leaks of confidential information, NIKO Company Group has successfully implemented DeviceLock, a solution providing control over the employees’ access to peripherals and input/output ports.