AT&T Cybersecurity
AT&T Cybersecurity

AT&T Cybersecurity (former AlienVault) offers a single, integrated security management platform (Unified Security Management), which combines the following functions: detection of assets, vulnerability assessment, behavioral monitoring, SIEM, assessment and threat detection, management of compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, monitoring, control and security analysis, security management of cloud services Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

AT&T Cybersecurity products allow you to analyze, log and monitor developments in the information security of IT infrastructure, as well as comply with applicable regulatory requirements and standards, including NERC CIP, ISO 27002, SOX, PCI DSS 3.0, GLBA, GPG, HIPAA and many others.

AT&T Cybersecurity solutions are widely used in different industry sectors: government, banking, healthcare, FMCG, energy, and protecting SCADA-systems.

In 2015, company won the "Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solution of the Year" presented by The Computing Security Awards.

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AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) is an all-in-one platform designed and priced to ensure that mid-market organizations can effectively defend themselves against today’s advanced threats.