CyberArk is a global cybersecurity leader and the developer of an industry-leading privileged access management solution. 
CyberArk technologies aim to manage privileged access, create a system of account information security, identify business users and secure access to cloud environments. All solutions are aimed at helping global organizations reduce cyber risks. 
As a recognized leader, CyberArk offers the complete identity protection platform to fully protect all identities, according to the concept of Zero Trust – UNIFIED IDENTITY SECURITY PLATFORM, which provides secure access for any person – human or machine, to any resource or environment from anywhere and any device. In addition, CyberArk Lab is actively exploring the evolving threat landscape. 
CyberArk is the only vendor recognized as a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ 2022 leader in both PAM and Access Management categories. 
The primary benefits of CyberArk solutions:  
  • Protection against attacks
  • Improvement of operational efficiency
  • Ensuring digitalization of business
  • Compliance with audit requirements 

CyberARK offers standalone products that can be combined into a single platform for reliable control and protection of all identities:

  • Workforce & Customer Access   
  • Endpoint Privilege Security   
  • Privileged Access Management   
  • Secret Management   
  • Cloud Privilege Security   
  • Identity Management    
CyberArk Products: 
  • Privileged Access Management – a tool to control and manage privileged access to protect the business and its most valuable assets. Reliable encryption, monitoring and analysis of user actions allow you to be sure of the business infrastructure security.
  • Endpoint Privilege Security – a tool to control access to privileged accounts on local computers and servers. The solution has high functionality and guarantees the protection of confidential data and systems from unauthorized access.
  • Identity Management – a tool to effectively manage user identification and access to various applications and resources. It is a reliable tool that helps organize security and control access to essential data.
  • Workforce & Customer Access: Manage user access to essential resources in your organization. One primary function is controlling accounts, applications and other valuable resources that need special protection.
  • Cloud Privilege Security – a tool that allows organizations to control access to cloud resources. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the solution identifies vulnerabilities and protects cloud resources from cyber attacks.
  • Secrets Management – a solution for secure credential management for DevOps, Cloud, IaaS and secure privileged access protection. It provides centralized storage, registration and management of highly sensitive data in the repository (passwords, API keys, certificates and others). 
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