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GFI Software
GFI Software is a software developer since 1992 and is part of the ESW Capital group of companies. GFI develops right-sized, smartly engineered IT solutions for businesses. The company's solutions enable IT administrators to easily and efficiently discover, manage and secure their business networks, systems, applications and communications wherever they exist.  
GFI offices are located in the US, UK, Austria, Australia, Malta and Hong Kong. 
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Products and Solutions
We’ve built powerful security into Kerio® Connect. You’re protected against hacking and malicious attacks with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam and antivirus tools, and more. Automated backup with granular restore options ensure quick and easy recovery from all types of disasters. Server-wide archiving prevents data loss and helps organizations to comply with legal requirements for email retention.
Kerio® Control brings together multiple capabilities - including a network firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway anti-virus, VPN and content filtering.
Kerio® Operator is a standards-based VoIP system that replaces your traditional PBX.