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Quest Software
Quest Software
Quest Software is a leader in IT management for enterprises introduces innovative tools, allowing organizations to increase productivity of applications, databases, Windows and virtual infrastructure.
Quest Software products will help you with the following:
  • Diagnostics, optimization and administration of Oracle and SQL Server
  • Increase in productivity of PL/SQL and Java development
  • Data migration from one system to another without impacting workflow
  • Administration of Windows infrastructure (Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint)
  • Full infrastructure and end user experience monitoring
Tools developed by Quest Software are especially relevant in today’s economic environment when businesses need to feel a pay-off from their IT infrastructure with minimal expenses. Majority of Quest Software products do not require long deployment process and let you achieve pay-off from IT investments in days or weeks.
Quest Software is a successful and stable company having 100 000 clients around the world. As a matter of fact, 75% of the 500 largest companies in the world are using Quest Software products. According to the IDC and Gartner accounts, Quest Software is the leading IT infrastructure management solutions provider in the world. Quest Software has been uniquely acknowledged as the Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year in 2004 and 2007 and also №1 company for Active Directory solutions in 2007 and 2008. Quest Software offices are located all around the world.
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Products and Solutions
Kitenga Analytics Suite is the industry's first big data search and analytics platform with integrated information modeling and visualization capabilities. This insight engine combines proven next-generation technologies like Hadoop for scalability and performance, Lucene/SOLR search, Mahout machine learning, 3D information modeling, and advanced Natural Language Processing in a fully integrated, configurable, cloud-enabled software platform that's cost effective and deployed in minutes. With this content mining and analytics solution, you'll transform complex and time-consuming manipulation of web-scale data resources into a fast and intuitive process.
The fastest and easiest way to ensure application readiness
With Storage Maximizer for SharePoint, you’ll be able to optimize SharePoint performance and relieve the stress SharePoint data places on your SQL Server by storing the data more efficiently. Storage Maximizer enables you to automate the movement of selected SharePoint data to the locations you trust through SharePoint RBS (remote blob storage) or EBS (external blob storage).
With Recovery Manager for SharePoint, you can simplify and accelerate granular and disaster-level SharePoint restores. Dell’s flexible tool lets you leverage your existing enterprise or native backups in order to perform granular searches, previews and comparisons. From your existing backups, you can then execute restores—even when your data is offline or stored in external or remote BLOB storage (EBS/RBS).
Toad Business Intelligence Suite enables you to easily access, prepare, analyze and share data from any source to improve decision making. With Toad, you can fully leverage your corporate information and business intelligence environments. Toad helps to unlock the value of your existing IT and business intelligence investments by empowering both your technical and non-technical users to easily and securely access the data they need any time they need it.
Quest NetVault SmartDisk delivers disk to disk backup and data deduplication that frees up storage space and significantly reduces storage costs. It offers powerful, byte-level, variable-block deduplication and advanced data compression for your NetVault Backup and vRanger backups.