Office 365: Monitoring User and Administrator Activities with AlienApps
Office 365: Monitoring User and Administrator Activities with AlienApps
27 May 2019
AlienVault® USM Anywhere is a highly extensible platform, that leverages AlienApps. The solution can be integrated with a third-party security and productivity tools, such as, for example, Office 365. 
The solution is used for detecting ransomware, privilege escalation, file sharing, and more. Besides it monitors Office 365’s user and administrator activities in Azure AD, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Exchange Online.
AlienVault® USM Anywhere™ delivers the Office 365 security and compliance monitoring when you need to protect your users and your data hosted in the Office 365 environment.
The built-in AlienApp for Office 365 in USM Anywhere collects Office 365 events and gives you visual reporting dashboards and user-centric views that make Office 365 security monitoring fast and simple. 
Thus, USM Anywhere correlates Office 365 events with the latest threat intelligence from the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team as well as with other security-related events happening in your cloud and on-premises environments. This gives a user the complete context needed to accurately and fully detect threats, even if a user haslimited time and resources to do so.
For more information on how it works, watch the video by the link. If you have questions about AlienVault solutions, please, write us at
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