Progress is an American software company founded in 1981. The company provides products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact business applications. The vendor's portfolio includes 18 products that accelerate the development and delivery of strategic business applications, automate the process by which they configure, deploy and scale those apps, and make critical data and content more accessible and secure—leading to competitive differentiation and business success.
Since the end of 2020, BAKOTEK has become the official distributor of Progress in Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Middle and Central Asia. At the first stage, BAKOTEK will focus on the development of two of their flagship products that are in demand in the region - MOVEit and WhatsUp Gold.
WhatsUp® Gold provides complete visibility to everything that’s connected to your network. The unique interactive map lets you see network devices, servers, virtual machines, cloud and wireless environments in context so you can diagnose issues with pinpoint accuracy. 
Monitor Devices
Servers, routers, storage, wireless, virtual, cloud devices and more.
Monitor Network
Alert and report on performance, response times and an array of other metrics.
Analyze Network Traffic
Identify bandwidth hogs and suspicious connections.
Manage Configurations
Automate configuration backups and restores to reduce errors and support compliance requirements.
MOVEit provides secure collaboration and automated file transfers of sensitive data and advanced workflow automation capabilities without the need for scripting. Encryption and activity tracking enable compliance with regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR
Manage Transfers
Consolidate all file transfer activities for better management and control.
Automate Workflows
Eliminate human error by automating tasks and workflows without scripting.
Deploy Anywhere
On-Premise, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the Cloud.
Flexibly Integrate
Integrate with any system via our Mulesoft Connector, REST, Java and .NET APIs.
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Products and Solutions
Progress Flowmon is a software platform for traffic analysis and monitoring that helps ensure network security and streamline its work.