Cloudflare is an American company, specialized in CDN services, defending against DDoS attacks, providing other security services in the Internet and providing DNS  
These days Cloudflare obtains one of the biggest networks in the world, processing more than 10 trillion requests every month, which is roughly 15% out of all requests in the internet. Cloudflare services work in between of the user and Cloudflare hosting provider, which performs the role of reverse proxy. 
Internet resources powered by Cloudflare direct all web traffic through the intelligent global network consisting of 180 data centers all over the world. This leads to a significant increase in productivity, as well as a decrease in the number of spam requests and other attacks against respective internet resources. 
Web Application Firewall and the anti-DDoS modules are another important components of the Cloudflare cloud environment. For example, the Cloudflare WAF can defend web-applications from SQL-injections or cross-site scripting without any changes in the existing infrastructure. 
In its turn the 30 Tbps capacity anti-DDoS module can copy with any modern distributed attack, including the attacks on DNS infrastructure. 
BAKOTECH Group is an official Cloudflare distributor in Eastern Europe, Baltic States, CIS and the Balkans. 
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