Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform
Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform

Digital Guardian threat-aware data protection software focuses on defending every moment in the life of government data – no matter how it’s structured, where it lives, or how it’s used. This data-centric platform for data integrity, insider and outsider threat protection, and user activity monitoring is an ideal match for today’s boundary-less networks that span agencies, contractors and programs. It consits of 8 main components:

Management Console - our data protection command center.

  • Deploy agents, manage appliances, create and manage policies, alerts and reports
  • Use our advanced analytics engine and dashboards for executive, forensic, and custom reports

Data Visibility& Control - out-of-the-box data visibility and device control without pre-defined policies. Understand exactly where your sensitive is and how it’s being used.

  • Get visibility of all data movement and data transmission
  • Protect endpoints from threats found at the network layer
  • Stop data theft by enforcing device use policies

Endpoint DLP Loss Prevention - the industry’s broadest operating environment coverage. Stop sensitive data from getting out of your organization.

  • Advanced, automated classification of data on endpoints
  • Control all content with context-aware DLP
  • Enforce DLP policies across all egress channels

Network Data Loss Prevention - virtual or physical appliance that harnesses our database record matching - the most accurate and efficient detection of PII, PCI and PHI - to monitor and control network communications.

  • Prevent sensitive data from leaving via the network
  • Monitor and control all communications channels

Advanced Threat Protection - leverage our endpoint DLP agent to provide a datacentric approach to advanced threat detection, and response. Ensure security travels with the data.

  • Protect the data regardless of the attack vector
  • Cut analyst workload, increase incident handling capacity
  • Maximize the return on your network layer security investments

Cloud Data Protection - integrates with cloud storage providers such as Office 365 and Box. Inspect file servers to encrypt, remove or remediate sensitive data before it’s shared in the cloud.

  • Accurately discover sensitive data in cloud storage
  • Continuously audit files that have been uploaded
  • Automatically remediate according to enterprise policies
  • Instantly alert the appropriate administrator and data owner when protected data has been identified and the actions taken

Data Discovery - the industry’s most accurate and efficient detection of sensitive data at rest on endpoints and servers across your networks and cloud storage.

  • Get visibility and audit reporting of unsecured sensitive content
  • Demonstrate data security and privacy compliance

Application Whitelisting - the most secure application whitelisting for industrial control systems

  • Deploy application whitelisting in minutes
  • Stop malware before it lands
  • Block unknown and unauthorized executables on workstations, servers, pos devices and industrial controls