WatchGuard AuthPoint
WatchGuard AuthPoint
The WatchGuard AuthPoint solution provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) on an easy-to-use Cloud platform. The AuthPoint mobile app makes each login attempt visible, and as a Cloud service, there’s no hardware to deploy. It can be managed 
from anywhere and features integrations with 3rd party applications including popular Cloud applications, web services, VPNs and networks. 
Effective MFA Protection with Mobile Device DNA 
AuthPoint uses a push message, QR code, or one-time password (OTP) as an additional factor proving your identity; and our mobile device DNA matches the authorized user’s phone when granting access to systems and applications. Therefore, any attacker who clones a user’s device in an attempt to access a protected system would be blocked - since the device DNA would differ. 
Easy-to-Use AuthPoint Mobile App 
WatchGuard’s AuthPoint app allows users to authenticate right from their own phone! No need to carry key fobs or thumb drives; instead install and activate the AuthPoint app in seconds, and then use it to authenticate from a smartphone. It enables speedy push-based authentication as well as offline authentication using QR codes with the phone’s camera. 
Strong Ecosystem 
WatchGuard’s ecosystem includes dozens of 3rd party integrations with AuthPoint – allowing companies to require users to authenticate before accessing sensitive Cloud applications, VPNs and networks. AuthPoint supports the SAML standard, permitting users to log in once to access a full range of applications and services. 
Management on the WatchGuard Cloud Platform 
Companies with limited IT staff and security expertise benefit from MFA protection that’s easy to deploy and manage on the WatchGuard Cloud platform. You can access it from anywhere, and there is no need to install software, schedule upgrades or manage patches. Moreover, the platform easily accommodates a single global account view or many independent accounts. 
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